Project: “Artists Developing Peace”



During the Covid-19 pandemic that currently strikes the globe, musicians of the orchestra ‘Amadeus’ together with an Italian writer and a distinguished Italian singer agreed to produce an adaptation of the ode from Beethoveen’s Ninth Symphony. The adaptation was performed in french by the abovementioned Italian singer under the technical direction and arrangement of maestro Juan Keen, well-known by his stage name “John Keen», whose main purpose was to convey a message of unity between Argentina, France and Italy.

The work was put together by filming through mobile phones alongside sound-tracks mastering ultimately being integrated altogether into a single video. Thanks to the immense success it had on diverse social media platforms, the revamp of the project – with a wider scope and a plethora of artists and instrumental musicians invited to perform – became a fact.

The reinvented project aims at:

  1. the promotion of humanitarian activity through pacifist art;
  2. producing audiovisual content, integrating visual arts, cinema and music;
  3. the diffusion of the artwork of volunteer artists from different art disciplines who are working for peace;
  4. facilitating and articulating the interaction between artists from completely different backgrounds, including diverse nationalities and ethnicities, as well as the inclusion of disabled artist;
  5. the realisation of virtual concerts under the modality of «edited virtual mastering and performance»;
  6. disseminating the ethnic and cultural identity of native communities and individuals through audiovisual productions;
  7. the fundraising of internationally recognised charitable institutions from donations and income generated by visits to the published material;
  8. offering at native communities the opportunity of training as academic musicians, through a virtual classroom and then help them to create school orchestras and choirs;
  9. developing audiovisual material to promote the culture of each and every country.


  1. a YouTube channel or alternative platform will be created for the diffusion of the artists’ audiovisual content, who previously have a YouTube account, where they have hosted their material to be disseminated; on the other hand, the artwork’s subject must be focused on peace matters;
  1. the artists will be invited to participate by the following google form, which should be filled with the artists’ personal information and pieces of work which they authorise to be disseminated: OAc-g04yNY/perfil . The form has to be properly filled and sent to the project email account ( to be admitted as a member of Artists Developing Peace;
  2. once the material has got the approval to be shared on the Artist Developing Peace channel, the caption will contain the contact information of the artist and the URL direction to their channel to help them to get more viewers and to reach a broader audience;
  3. a certificate of virtual membership will be awarded to every volunteer artist and they will be registered at the virtual logbook of the Artist Developing Peace members; it certifies that the artist will carry out voluntary artistic activities, without any direct commercial or contracting relationship with Artists Developing Peace; as it was specified before, all published works will be non-profit, however this channel is likely to work as a means for possible commercial operations between third parties and the artists, which means any artist can be contracted by people outside the Artists Developing Peace platform;
  4. the published artists will be asked to voluntarily invite others to subscribe to Artists Developing Peace;
  5. the content will be shared on social media platforms and to diverse communities and philanthropic and humanitarian groups and organizations to encourage people to visit the Artists Developing Peace site and the volunteer artists personal channels;
  6. the financial proceeds resulting from the views to the Artists Developing Peace content uploaded to its YouTube channel will be completely donated to legally recognised transparent institutions or NGOs which do charitable works.

Rules of participation – these ones will be detailed in the registration form and they will have to be approved by the applicant before they can altruistically and voluntarily participate Artists Developing Peace YouTube channel):

  • “I wish to register on Artists Developing Peace as a volunteer to collaborate with my material in an altruistic or philanthropic way. In accordance with this desire, I declare that I am of legal age and I authorise Artists Developing Peace to disseminate and promote on their YouTube channel and corresponding social networks, the audiovisual material that I have sent to Artists Developing Peace. I also authorise Artists Developing Peace to publish my name and my artwork’s name on the Artists Developing Peace YouTube channel, so it can be identified properly in the album details. I also declare that any material I will submit to be published will not contain any discriminatory or offensive content related to race or ethnicity, colour, sex or gender, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, or any other status. By submitting my material, I declare that it complies with the registration rules established by YouTube, which makes me fully responsible for the content that is submitted to be evaluated and subsequently published on the YouTube channel ‘Artists Developing Peace’. In turn, I agree to subscribe to the Artists Developing Peace YouTube channel.”
  • The submitted material submitted by the volunteer artists to Artists Developing Peace will be evaluated prior to being published, this revision process may take up to seven working days.
  • Only one video can be published after approval of its content. The video format shall be MP4, respecting the resolution limits set by YouTube. Once the form is submitted, it will be evaluated by the Arts and Culture Committee and the Artists Developing Peace Directive Board, which is constituted by authorities of prestigious institutions dedicated to the development of Peace, who will be approving or rejecting the submitted work.
  • The volunteer artist should send a YouTube link to where the material they wish to add to the Artists Developing Peace channel is already published.
  • Once the material has been evaluated and approved, it will be published on the Artists Developing Peace YouTube channel.
  • The video will be promoted and disseminated through the following resources: social networks/social media.
  • With the first publication of the material on Artists Developing Peace, an album will be created with the artist’s name and URL of their personal YouTube channel, submitted and approved by Artists Developing Peace.

Information note on the intellectual property registration of the «Artists Developing Peace» Project