Ontological Coaching

The Ontological Coaching and NLP (NLP) and Brain Integration Therapy applied on stage.

Throughout my career I have experienced several encounters with artists from different areas of the Arts. In many, I was able to share and to note that the scope of the scenario is a workspace, inspiration and delivery from the artist. But sometimes there are certain situations that limit breaks or the exponent to be able to express fully, almost, reaching the limit of not being able to. In certain cases it is the existence of an “Trauma” to anchor the person in a situation that paralyzes when wanting to interpret ecologically his Art.

That's why I decided to travel the challenging road of overcoming such situations through training in Ontological Coaching and NLP, as well as the therapies T.I.c. Brain Integration Technique, incorporating new tools that allow changing the artist's point of view regarding a stage and audience.

Today I share and I make meetings as well as therapy Coaching ICT. Amadeus serving Art and Community Outreach, Art for the each of us is the result of our shared inner expression and carried our fellow.

The interpreter and the stage

What happens to an interpreter when you are in a scenario?; What vision does the situació? How many ideas and conversations reaches the public?; What are your fears? And how many of them are just unfounded judgments? And finally, What is the goal that brought him to the stage?.

Endless questions occur about the wonderful world of acting in front of an audience, onstage. All these questions, when they are not taken into account, somehow make, the interpreter to divert attention from its target.

I invite you to visit and explore the endless resources that you have to achieve your goal, which among others can be to speak as he always dreamed.

John Keen is Ontological Coach with NLP Practitioner endorsed by the AACP. (Argentina Association of Professional Coaching). He completed his training in Ontological Coaching with NLP in Great Management Institute agreement with Kairos Consulting Consultant and has attended several courses and trainings: Axon Trainig and scholarship in the year 2011 Association for T.O.P. Technology for Public Organization.

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